Everyday Things

Every now and then I notice a recurring theme (other than sports) on my camera roll. This time I found out that we actually have fun in the everyday routines. Why not make those mundane and tiresome unending chores fun?!

I found these free to do lists on journal cards from Little Lamm and Co. and thought they would be perfect to incorporate into my layout!

Using some textured stamps I created a background with pink and blue ink.

The circles were done with a Martha Stewart cutter in various sizes, largest being 5 inches. Ephemora was from the stash. If you're curious, leave a comment and I'd be happy to answer.

Here was out TO DO list:

#1 Picnic - we like to take our lunch to the park so we can play longer and not get the hungry crabbies.
#2 Read - Our eldest does not like to read...at all...So I wanted to capture the moment with Belle laying spread eagle.
#3 Laundry - They had a pig pile on the floor with the laundry basket after folding socks.  Those kiddos!
#4 Grocery Store - Only Jack would try to comfort Luke in the car seat in the checkout.
#5 Dentist - Who likes going to the dentist?!  He thought covering his eyes would help.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to find the joy and be the light, especially when it comes to cleaning toilet ;)  There IS joy in everything!



  1. This is such a fun layout!

  2. Thank you Amie! I hope construction on your house ends soon! So stressful, isn't it?!


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