B6 Accordion pocket folder for your TN

Hi there!  It's Kim Oedekoven again (@krodesigns) back again to show you a fun little project for your new B6 TN.

Storage for stickers, receipts or other necessities of our daily planner lives need a home and I hopefully have a project that will enhance your planning experience with an accordion pocket folder.

The steps and You Tube Video are below!

Step 1. Print out the template for this project called 'B6 accordion pocket template and instructions'. It's located for free in a dropbox folder here : http://bit.ly/b6templates

Step 2.  Place the template on top of two pattern papers with the right sides facing out.  You can also use the vellum or acetate from the kit to create this as well!  I like to use the digital papers which can eaily be printed on cardstock.

Step 3. Cut around the solid line of the paper stack.  This will ensure the proper dimensions of the B6 folder.

Step 4. Fold the paper stack, all together, on the dotted line.

Step 5. Cut just the template paper in half on the dotted line.

Step 6. Accordian fold (make a 'fan') each side, length wise in 3/4" strips

Step 7. Glue the two pieces of paper just left of the center fold line.

Step 8. Glue the top and bottom of that same side making a three sided enclosure for your goodies.

Step 9. Glue the accordion papers to the top and bottom of the sides between the two papers lining them up on the sides and bottom.

Step 10. If you would like to add a closure on the either side now is a great time to do that.  I just cut a piece of paper the width of the inside portion of the pocket and just glued it into place. There are a lot of different ways to secure the closure.  I've used, snaps, velcro and cut a  half moon shape to tuck the flap in.  Washi tape is also a very economical and fantastic way to secure your flap as well!

Step 11.  You can always add dividers to your accordion side by cutting packaging or card stock to fit and sliding them into place.

Below is the YT video where I show these step by step instructions as well as demonstrate how I did a pocket size version of this project for my wallet!


Thanks again!

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