Wallet Card Holder for a TN!

Hi there it's ML Girl KIM here! The last time I used this FABULOUS Box was for setting up my wallet. This time I need to make a replacement credit card holder for the front it.  

The other one was way too old and needed to much repair. 

This time I decided to show you how to do it yourself!!  

The supplies are minimal.  You'll need an craft knife, a laminating sheet, a laminator and something to cut out the template.  The template can be found HERE to download.

It's a fairly simple project but I've got a step by step process and a video for you!

After printing the template either on a full sheet of Mommy Lhey paper or just plain copy paper for using on scrap paper, cut out all 8 pieces of the template.

Since I used acetate, I could use a dry erase marker to trace the template to cut out.

Next, I placed the piece with the cut out semi circle on top of a rectangle, lining up the straight edges and making sure the semi circle is pointed to the left. Make sure you leave a 1/4th inch center line between the two sets of rectangles as well as 1/8th inch between vertical sets as well.

Once they were laminated it was time to cut it out leaving at least a 1/8th inch border around the set of 4 pockets.

Then I used my craft knife to slice the lamination between the semi circle and the backing rectangle.

Once folded in half I slipped it under one of the elastics as well as added a couple of those holo stickers for accent!

If you'd like to see the video of this tutorial it is https://youtu.be/PIccNEvgvK4

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you give it a try!!

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