2018 Christmas Planner

December can be busy and filled with endless demands on or time.  I've created a single planner that will house all of my Holiday gift giving, food, decorations and a whole host of other preparations so my season is full of cheer.

I always add photos from seasons past to remind me of those times of great joy!

Adding a variety of textures is important to the over look and "feel" of my planner.  Velvet paper and clear acetate die cuts help me achieve that!

Te Budget is front and center in my planner!  The most important thing for me to follow this holiday season!

A fun play of words for my gift giving section!

Pocket Love!  I appreciate the calming colors of this pocket appearance.  Plus I love all the dear "running through my planner!

This Joy is actually white plastic!  I made sure it would stay right there in the rings without sliding by adding a bit of washi tape on the letters.

Layers always achieve some dimention without adding too much bulk.

Time to get my bake on!

Although the decorations, which is what will be shown in this post, I did a video showcasing how I use this planner to its full capacity!

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