2018 Christmas Planner

Every Year I put together a holiday planner to help me get a grip on the holidays!  This year is not much different except I'm using a Websters Pages Color Crush Buffalo Plaid Personal Size Planner.
I know it's a mouth full but trust me it's so worth it to have everything organized just the way I want it to to keep me on the straight and narrow!

The pockets do serve a major purpose even just to brighten up my holiday season, but I do have some large journal cards that make excellent place holders if I'm flipping from page to page.  It also has an individual Christmas countdown as well as a gift tag all ready to go!!

This accordion folder is perfect for holding my receipts and cash!

Here is the YT tutorial on it!

I don't have a problem using dimension pieces!  I think they add a lot of texture to my creations.

I love to incorporate pictures, especially in my @websterspages Christmas planner as dividers! Reminds me of all the joy this season brings!

Here is the set up video and flip through!

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