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This November box from Mommy Lhey is all about a Girls night in with a cozy P.J. party!! You'll see a silver foiled collection of purple and teal! Also your exclusive CLEAR planner, is an A6 Wide size  4 strings and teal elastics! 

If you haven't seen it's unboxing, Here it is!

My set up was only 2 hours long from start to finish but with the beautiful designs, it's difficult for me not to get stumped!

This dashboard insert is just 4 different layers on packaging on top of each other with a washi strip and die cut too!

The kit came with lovely ombre purple foiled sticky note that I used in a geometric pattern on top of one of the papers!

Parts and pieces do make a whole! This paper scrap was cobbled together using stickers as well.  You'd never know it though!

A die cut on top of more packaging is great for this back dashboard insert!

This clear TN was stunning on it's own, I just decided to use the free included digital files to make a foiled vinyl decoration.

The pen included in the kit nestles perfectly on the edges of my inserts!

Thank you for stopping by today!

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