Year in REVIEW | a full year flip in my Master Planner

It's always crazy to think that another year has come and gone and think of all the lost opportunities, goals missed or projects not quite complete.  I'm as guilty as the next Type - Awesome person who has a list of to-do's a mile long.  

But let's stop for a second.  Let's take a moment to THINK about all those things we actually DID accomplish... Even better let's look at it!  I challenge you to go back to whatever you can review and see WHAT you did in 2018!  Heck, use Facebook and Instagram and look at your pictures posted to flash back some thoughts.  THEN you will see ALL the things you DID do.  

So let's ease up on ourselves for 2019.  I don't mean, don't dream less, do less or think less. Just be mindful of your accomplishments too!

I did a flip through of all (but two) inserts  I used in my master planner for 2018 and WOW did I get some stuff done!  Yeah there were pages blank, pages decorated but blank, pages full but no deco but honestly, I wanted to look at the positive!

Thanks for stopping by and CHEERS to 2019 and our planners!


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