Mommy Lhey and Paper House Planners | a review of both

*click for a walk through video of both*

WE are over the moon about the newest Mommy Lhey and Paper House Productions Planners!
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I've done a You Tube video walk through of the planners which is up on my YT channel if you want a more in depth look at each of it's components

As with all their planners the paper quality is absolutely stamp-able with no bleed or shadowing when I use my pigment ink! 

Mommy Lhey 12 Month Undated Planner
The column width is 1.5 inches so not only do your Paper House sticker books work seamlessly, other manufacturer stickers like EC and MAMBI work PERFECTLY in it too!

 I love that the monthly and weekly views are completely neutral in design, having the days of the week in gray not black and the ombre teal accents are blendable with many other colors. If you'd like to decorate with other colors, it  can be covered up completely due to it's very light pigmentation.  No white out necessary!

Mommy Lhey Mini 12 Month Undated Planner
This Horizontal planner measures  3.75 inches across the page and each day/notes section is 1.5 inches high.   Although the monthly calendar, is a little bit tight for more than two activities  a day it has a handy bills section is handy.  The Notes section on the bottom has a beautiful scalloped top and ombre shaded lines.

Mommy Lhey Mini 12 Month Undated Planner
These are the stickers for the Mini Planner

 There are plenty of functional and decorative stickers in the back as well, 3 sheets, along with 2 sets of clear monthly gold foiled tab stickers so you can start your undated planner at any month of the year. 

Mommy Lhey 12 Month Undated Planner
These are the stickers in the Larger Vertical Planner

Mommy Lhey Mini 12 Month Undated Planner
All the Monthly Dividers for both the Large and Mini planners

There are two pockets: one on the front side of the first divider and the other is on the front side of the last one, which makes great storage options for all your planner supplies. 

The monthly hexagonal dashboard is fantastically separated into 7 diamond check box Priorities place,  Goals section, a plain write it down place to jot things and a section for a monthly quote.

If you'd like to see my flip through of it please check out my You Tube video: 

Let me know if you have any more questions! 

Happy Shopping!

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