I wish I could call myself a mixed media artist but that artist part just doesn’t stick:  I just love to play with all sorts of things like fiber art, planning, scrapbooking and Project Life in all different types of medium.  In my former life, I taught, quilting, journaling and paper arts classes using textile techniques to people of all walks of life: from Blind School Students, Cancer Survivor Therapy workshops, at risk pregnancy patients.  I feel like everyone has a story and I love to be the happy helper in doing that! Professionally I have starred in three educational sewing videos for use in high school classrooms, and shown my own fiber art work across the country.  It all started when I began by learning to traditionally hand quilt as a young lady and has since loved to memory keep and plan using my beloved fabric techniques.

 On a more personal note, and quite possibly a lot less boring of one, since settling in Pennsylvania one year ago from Oregon, I’ve officially become a full time stay at home mom, for now, to care her four sporty, smelly, sweet boys ranging in the ages of 5 to 18!